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  • ProtecTees® Custom Clothing Protector

    Whether it’s a special occasion or a gift for a friend or family member, Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel® can create a specially-designed ProtecTees® that is tailored to your specifications. Simply send us your favorite t-shirt, dress shirt or blouse, photos or any other personalized instructions and we will adapt it with our special waterproof lining, as well as your choice of fasteners: velcro, snaps or magnets.

  • ProtecTees® Clothing Protector

    ProtecTees®  are the first clothing protectors that are adapted shirts with a waterproof lining for children and adults with special needs – now in cool customizable designs!


  • ProtecTees® Waterproof Bandana Scarves

    Waterproof bandana neck scarves are the perfect drool tool that comes in great patterns for kids, teens, women and men. No more unsightly rags and towels under the chin.